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Quality Policy

Last updated: September 04, 2021


Quality Policy


Aquasun Group is acutely aware of its corporate responsibility and places quality at the core of the culture of the group. As such, Aquasun Group will always strive to continuously improve the quality of our processes, products and services, in order to fully satisfy the needs of our customers and achieve the group's global objectives.


To deliver this, Aquasun’s Quality Policy is built on Aquasun Group’s relationships and makes the following commitments:



Providing a work environment that delivers equal opportunity to all employees. Aquasun Group’s working culture is founded on the principle of mutual respect, delivering excellence in performance by recognising the individual and team commitment that employees make on a daily basis in pursuit of enhancing our delivery for our customers.



Our relationship with the customer is based on a commitment to the quality of the service we provide. We have a solid and sustainable internal investment policy to deliver on our ambition of continuous improvement, as we are aware that the services we provide are essential in the trust placed by customers and other market stakeholders, namely regulatory bodies, tax authorities, investors, suppliers and the market in general.


We recognize the importance of our role and we aim, at every moment, to correctly identify and satisfy the client's requirements and to consolidate the client's trust through each interaction. Personalizing our service for each customer enables us to deliver promptly and exceed customer expectations.



Demonstrate ethical and commercial acumen and maintaining a healthy and trusting relationship.



Grow and consolidate the standing of the company in the market and guarantee sustainable financial returns. 


Official Entities

Comply with expected professionalism and a rigorous adherence to all legal and tax provisions in force in any jurisdiction.



Support community initiatives. We intend to be an active and dynamic agent in the context of the communities in which we are integrated and we act, having a positive impact, by removing the barriers and promoting access to innovation, development and investment


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