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Expert Guidance

We are focused on providing truly sustainable solutions, both in terms of approach and engineering, across an array of different industries. Our difference is we see renewable energy as not just the end goal of a sustainable project, but as a cheap, sustainable platform from which a wide range of other products and benefits can be delivered. We can offer innovative technical and financial solutions based on energy economics in order to make your project greener and more cost-effective.

Our Capabilities

Problem Solving Made Easy

We develop decentralised electrical grid projects integrated with water supply infrastructures to provide energy and water to defined areas and support the regional economy. Often this capability forms the foundation of our wider project ambitions, for instance facilitating agriculture in otherwise hostile environments.

A decentralised electrical grid can be delivered as a microgrid or minigrid interconnected with the main utility power network, or an isolated grid that can use different sources of power generation and energy storage to fulfil the electrical demand of the community or geographic area.

For large-scale utility networks, we develop large solar photovoltaic powerplants integrated with energy storage systems to support grid stability allowing for higher penetration of renewable energy sources.

We provide support to engineering, procurement, and construction contractors during the implementation of our designs and solutions.


Renewable Energy

Generation, storage and distribution of low-carbon electricity


The stability of source and cost of energy is crucial for the success of any infrastructure project. As such, renewable energy is at the heart of everything we do. Using and optimising renewable energy sources not only reduces the operation costs of any business but also contributes to a healthier planet and local community.



Production and distribution of fresh water

Due to climate change and exploitation of finite water sources, many regions in the world are suffering from the problem of a lack of fresh water. Desalination is one of the immediate responses to combat this problem and we are at the forefront in promoting this technology, which, in combination with renewable energies, can provide water safely, with quality and at a competitive cost for a variety of economic activities.



Engineering for Agribusiness

With the integration of energy and water from sustainable sources, we can provide support to the agriculture sector with innovative engineering models that can optimize farming and livestock production. In addition to the engineering models, we can assist agribusinesses to promote regional economic boosts through its activities and cooperation with interconnected activities from other economic sectors.

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Locally Driven Solutions for Global Challenges

Project Development

We provide investors with sustainable investment scenarios that are secure and consistent through innovative engineering and financial models that benefits both the host regional economy of the project and the investors. Appetite for sustainable investment.

Our projects show the investment potential considering the use of sustainable engineering to promote growth in an identified region. All our investment scenarios are based in a strategic approach considering the characteristics of an identified region and each model introduced is tailored considering its specific characteristics.

The assessment we make on the microeconomic profile of a region will define the engineering model that can be created to promote direct and indirect business opportunities, fight poverty and generate sustainable growth through the exploitation of local resources.

Find the potential

We identify regions facing challenges that with the foundation of renewable energy, we believe we can solve delivering benefits for the local stakeholders and project investors. We are not daunted by the prospect of an underdeveloped infrastructure or hostile climate; we pride ourselves on taking cues from the local population who may have their own unique solutions from which the wider challenge can be addressed. Once a project has been identified, we develop an engineering concept and investment scenario that can be profitable for the region and investors.

Our studies about the region consider the political, economic, social, environmental and climate aspects that influence the feasibility of the investment model.

Project Development

Once the model is approved, we start the development process by engaging the essential stakeholders for the implementation of the project. We assess the risks and opportunities of promoting an investment in the region. We also assess local policies, barriers, benefits and all the aspects that need to be considered for a successful project, once again emphasising our focus on creating projects bespoke to the environment they are situated in.

Funding procurement


Once the preliminary engineering and financial models are approved, and high-level project documentation completed and signed off with local stakeholders, we engage with investors to fund the project and begin the due diligence process, always seeking independent input.

The project finances are structured based on the unique needs of the project, finding an optimal blend of equity and debt financing.

Project Implementation


After financial close, we engage with the EPC contractors to complete the design and begin construction, also managing the implementation phase to successfully deliver the project to the designated organisation responsible for project operation.

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